Web Typography: Designing Tables to be Read, Not Looked At

A note from the editors: We’re pleased to share an excerpt from Chapter 2 of Richard Rutter’s new book, Web Typography. Good designers spend a great deal of time sweating over typography. They agonise over typefaces, iterate through type scales and meticulously apply white space, all in the service of the reader. Then comes along… Read more »

SmashingConf 2018: Fetch Those Early-Bird Tickets! ?? ?? ??

    Great conferences are all about learning new skills and making new connections. That’s why we’ve set up a couple of new adventures for SmashingConf 2018 — just practical sessions, new formats, new lightning talks, evening sessions and genuine, interesting conversations — with a dash of friendly networking! Taking place in London, San Francisco, Toronto. Tickets? Glad… Read more »

China Tests the Limits of Its US Hacking Truce

As the Trump administration reups an anti-hacking agreement with China, security researchers say China is inching its toes up to that red line. Source: Wired Security China Tests the Limits of Its US Hacking Truce

What the George Papadopoulos Plea Says About Robert Mueller's Next Moves

With a plea agreement from Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos, special counsel Robert Mueller showed that he knows how to keep a secret—and that this investigation is just getting started. Source: Wired Security What the George Papadopoulos Plea Says About Robert Mueller’s Next Moves

AWS Online Tech Talks – November 2017

AWS Online Tech Talks – November 2017

Leaves are crunching under my boots, Halloween is tomorrow, and pumpkin is having its annual moment in the sun – it’s fall everybody! And just in time to celebrate, we have whipped up a fresh batch of pumpkin spice Tech Talks. Grab your planner (Outlook calendar) and pencil these puppies in. This month we are… Read more »

IBM Simulates a 56-Qubit Machine

IBM Simulates a 56-Qubit Machine

A supercomputer surpasses the proposed limit of using conventional machines to simulate quantum computers Image: IBM Research <!– @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } A:link { so-language: zxx } –> Quantum computers can, in theory, vastly outperform conventional computers using components known as qubits. Now IBM says it has simulated a… Read more »

Report Scores Cities to See if Technology Makes Them Safer

Report Scores Cities to See if Technology Makes Them Safer

Singapore and London have rolled out CCTVs, police body cameras, and new apps to assist law enforcement Photo: Rochor Neighbourhood Police Centre More and more people are migrating to cities. By 2030, 60 percent of the world’s population will live in an urban setting, according to the United Nations. How can these growing cities reduce… Read more »

Make Like it Matters

(This is a sponsored post.) Our sponsor Media temple is holding a contest to give away a bunch of stuff, including a nice big monitor and gift cards. Entering is easy, you just drop them an image or URL to a project you’re proud of. Do it quickly though, as entries end on Tuesday. Then… Read more »

Emulating CSS Timing Functions with JavaScript

Emulating CSS Timing Functions with JavaScript

CSS animations and transitions are great! However, while recently toying with an idea, I got really frustrated with the fact that gradients are only animatable in Edge (and IE 10+). Yes, we can do all sorts of tricks with background-position, background-size, background-blend-mode or even opacity and transform on a pseudo-element/ child, but sometimes these are… Read more »

Variable Fonts from Adobe Originals

Variable Fonts from Adobe Originals

It’s one thing to see a variable fonts demo (oooooo one font can change things like weight, width, and slant?) but it feels a lot more real when fonts you see and work with all the time go variable. Adobe made six of them available: Source Sans, Source Serif, Source Code, Myriad, Acumin, and Minion…. Read more »

Creating A Better Cloud

There’s a great deal of chatter out there about the cloud computing models, differing views and speculation about winning technologies and drivers of cloud adoption, as well as the direction of the industry. Source: Infrastructure Creating A Better Cloud

A Swift Transition From iOS To macOS Development

    Today started just like any other day. You sat down at your desk, took a sip of coffee and opened up Xcode to start a new project. But wait! The similarities stop there. Today, we will try to build for a different platform! Don’t be afraid. I know you are comfortable there on… Read more »

WordPress + PWAs

One of the sessions from the Chrome Dev Summit, hosted by Das Surma and Daniel Walmsley. It’s not so much about WordPress as it is about CMS powered sites that aren’t really “apps”, if there is such a thing, and the possibility of turning that site into a Progressive Web AppSite. I find the CMS… Read more »

Sketching Interfaces

From the same team that worked on the incredibly wild idea of using React to make Sketch documents comes an even wilder idea: Sketching seemed like the natural place to start. As interface designers, sketching is an intuitive method of expressing a concept. We wanted to see how it might look to skip a few… Read more »

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